a preview of the new CANDLES EP, which features Saoriiiii on track 3 - her song can be heard from 4:38 onwards


Curumi Chronicle | FLIGHT, live at Shibuya WOMB

oh, when this hits 10,000 views they’ll release another video from the event

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i wonder if i’m alone in feeling like it’s kind of vaguely irresponsible to rope people into doing that charity bucket thing without taking their financial situations into account

i feel the same way about MAX as i do about cult film “Birdemic”


Curumi Chronicle | Do It!! (USAGI DISCO Remix)

From Techpri Tribute ~Techpri Happy Ever After~ (2014)

Original song performed by Techpri

Written and composed by Bajune Tobeta
Arranged and produced by USAGI DISCO